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Von 20. Oktober bis 2. November : 14.00 - 18.00


Petite Cause Grands Effects
Case Postale 222
CH-1705 Fribourg

+41 79 532 67 41



11.60 CHF
AHV, Arbeitslose, Studierende 10.60 CHF
Kinder (6-16 Jahre) 7.60 CHF


Mit TPF zur Ausstellung. Der Umwelt zu Liebe.

Kostenlose Nutzung des ÖV in der gesamten Frimobilzone dank „L'Oracle du Papilon“. Kombi Tickets sind an allen Schaltern von TPF, SBB und BLS.



Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel
vom Bahnhof Freiburg mit dem Bus Nr. 5 (Richtung Villars Sud) bis Haltestelle Châtelet.

Ausfahrt Fribourg Centre. Wir empfehlen, die ÖV oder P&R mit dem TPF-Kombiticket zu benützen.







Beautiful exhibition where electronics are used in all possible ways of using for the benefit of this subject matter. It's beautiful. Congratulations. I hope you find doors to open to help you continue to sensitize ciitizens to take care of our planet.

Eliane Archimi - Fribourg


Mr. President,

A deligation of the local government visited your exhibition of Oct 8th, 2014.Monsieur le Président,

We would like to congratulate you for the quality of all your informations and what you helped us learn. We especially thank you for having served as our guide. Your remarkable competence allowed us to discover and understand all the facets of L'Oracle du Papillon.

We wish your foundation a magnificent flight and send you, Mr. President, our cordial greetings.

Nicolas Lauper

Syndic - Commune Le Mouret (FR)


Excellent exhibiton - pedogocical, clear, instructive, which should become mandatory to improve and reenforce the conscience of each of us. A big thank you.... continue!!!

Vincent Lemaire - La Verrerie (FR)


The exhibition was really very interesting and is for those of all ages. It should be presented in other places and go on tour. It really makes one realize the urgency to react.

Irène Muller - Tavannes (NE)


Very beautiful exhibition, both educational and playful. The interactivity is well realized and the comments are intelligent and pertinent.

Michel Quinquis - Tavannnes (NE)


The exhibition is very interesting and educative for adults as well as children. It raises an important awareness of the gestures that we can all do in the future even if we were already knew about them.

Thank you for your precision, humor and expertise!!Nierien Lachkhem - Geneva


Having come from Geneva thanks to having heard the radio program "Marble on the mind", I don't regret my visit. Fabulous L'Oracle du Papillons. We ask to see it again. Contratulations of this exhibition.

Juliette Grandjean - Châtelaine (GE)


The exhibition is very interesting, interactive and amusing which makes us aware of our daily behavior and their positive and negative results.Very beautiful initiative!

Sylvie Perroud - Lussy (FR)

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Petite Cause Grands Effects
PO Box 222
CH-1705 Freiburg

+41 79 532 67 41